Prosport reaches new readers in The Evening Standard

The Evening Standard's Marie Winckler talks to men's keelboat world champion sailor Iain Percy

Iain Percy
Age: 35
From: Southampton, Hampshire
Weight: 95kg
Height: 187cm
Motto: "Always forward, never back"
Medals: Gold medals in Beijing and in Sydney plus gold in Rio de Janeiro at the 2010 world championships.
Training: "I train six times a week and almost eight hours a day. Sailors have some of the longest days, mainly because of the time we spend on the water. We start the day with an aerobic session at 7am, then breakfast at nine. We go down to the boat at 10am, we work on the equipment and then leave the harbour by midday. We sail until five and then go to the gym, where I'll do circuit and weights till 7pm. Then we will go straight to eat and debrief over dinner until 10pm."
Diet and food: "In sailing, the heavier the better so I need a maximum weight for the sport, which means eating a lot. But I try to be as healthy as possible. With all those long days I have to make sure I stay healthy."
Drinks: "Protein shakes before and after the training."
Treats? "A pint of beer. Even during competition it helps me to relax."
Beauty: "I do not use too many beauty tricks. The only problem is the sun. I look about 55! I stay for hours every day in the sun so I need to put a total block on - I use Prosport 44"
Hair: "I don't shampoo a lot. That's what the sea is for, right?"
Shaving: "I have a big beard now but it's pure laziness. In my sport everything is accepted and I'm allowed to shave once every six weeks."
Spa treatments: "Not really."
Bad habits: "Plenty. I'm very bad with swearing . M**********r is my favourite at the moment."
Favourite body parts: "My arms."
Least favourite: "My ass."
Sex and the Olympics: "In past Olympics sailing has always finished last, so we never got a chance to party. I've been to three Olympics. The memories stick with you for a long time and I remember it being fun. Every athlete is here to compete but you get the feeling of being part of a wider team. You go and support other sports, and feel excitement for the other members of Team GB. I remember in Sydney and you could feel the public were enjoying it. There were lots of people in the street all the time and people would go to bars and watch their sports. London is going to be brilliant for us."
Any other sport: "Rugby. When I was young I used to like the 'all going to war with your mates' feeling."
Passion: "Mountains, during the winter or summer. I've recently been in the Dolomites with a few friends. I guess it's a bit like sailing."