Prosport Sunscreen at 2012 RYA Training Conference

The Weekend of the 4th & 5th saw Propsort Sunscreen invited to exhibit at the 2012 RYA Training Conference which was held at Wyboston Lakes, Bedfordshire.

Over 200 Trainers and Centre Principles from across the U.K came together for the weekend hosted by the RYA for presentations and discussion workshops with the aim to share and enpower knowledge to the individuals. Along with increasing awareness to developments and up dates that are happening within the different areas of training the RYA are responsible for such as National Sailing, Windsurfing and Powerboart Schemes.
In addition the main structure of weekend activities, delegates were invited to spend time look and learn about a selection of  equipment and product brought along my invited companies from within the watersports sector. For Prosport Sunscreen this gave us the opportunity to discuss and promote the benefits of using Prosport sunscreen to one of our core market sectors, along with our resent association as official sunscreen suppliers to Skandia Team GBR.
There is nothing quite like promoting effective sunscreen protection whilst three inches to four of snow falls to the ground outside!
Rich Marsh Prosport Agent