Atlantic Rowing Challenge

The Row Like A Girl team are embarking on an atlantic crossing covering over 3000 nautical miles in their boat. They will endure extreme weather conditions for over 90 days and don't need to be...

Champion Windsurfer

John Skye has established himself as one of Britain’s top windsurfers ever, becoming a popular and respected sailor amongst the top world cup pros and the windsurfing press.

RRD Boards, Animal, MFC
World Class Windsurfer

 Pro Windsurfer who is one of those rare sailors who competes on the wave, slalom and formula tours at the very highest  international level.

Gaastra, Tabou, Cobian, O'Neil
Men’s Keelboat World Champion Sailor

Skandia Team GBR 2012 Olympic Star sailor team mate Andrew Simpson and I spend long days on the water training and have a heavy schedule six days a week and need to use a good sun cream and know...

Professional Windsurf Coach and RRD/Ezzy UK Brand Manager

My coaching work involves a lot of overseas travel to hot and sunny places.

It can be a huge undertaking to get out there with all my kit and ensure that my guests have the best possible...

RRD / Ezzy / 2XS / Chiemsee